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Personalized with your own faces Just send us their photos
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Custom drawn with your faces Great gifts for your real heroes
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We are always happy to review your photos or requests and provide you with professional advice from our art & gift specialists - even before you place your order!


Why superheroes around the Planet love us

"The customer service at The Comics Factory is superb! Every person I spoke to was informative, attentive and friendly. They even answer the phones - with no automated
menus. I love it! The quality of the artwork is beautiful! I highly recommend them. It was the coolest gift EVER! "
J. Mueller

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Superheroes deserve
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About The Comics Factory ®

Making great legends and heroes everyday

The Comics Factory is a brain trust of freakishly talented artists dedicated to providing custom works of art to the superhero (and superhero-in-training) population at large. Using your photos, we hand illustrate personalized canvases, posters, and prints that reimagine your favorite superheroes with you in the starring role!